Random thought: every modern sitcom could have an episode of sponsored content where the characters are doing their normal thing, but in an IKEA (with all the existential terror that that implies). No justification is required, however.

‪I’m pretty sure Alton Brown doing an entire episode on drinks for being around family at the holidays qualifies the man as an outright saint.‬

In my canon, at least.

The Outer Worlds was an utter joy. The aesthetic, music, and writing all earn the sense of wonder it evokes. I always need more of the space colony genre, and as a game it explored the space (sorry) well. Feel lucky to have played it. Going to be thinking about it for a while.

‪If even a quarter of the time spent googling lines from the “First they came for…” poem to imply people who modify their /etc/ files are an at-risk minority was spent on speed, privacy, or quality, maybe the entire industry wouldn’t be, you know, like this.‬

Netflix Please-For-The-Love-of-God-Just-Call-It-Bake-Off-Nobody-Cares-What-Pillsbury-Thinks Challenge

Gyroscope aiming in the Switch port of Overwatch is a delight. It makes twitchy play feel way less like a chore. This should definitely be available on the PS version too, and maybe console games in general.


Somehow got on the subject of the Cheeky Nando’s meme with the boy, and I had to mention how good it actually is… turns out the sauce is just at Kroger!

And I remember it perfectly. 😋😋😋

Not only is AT&T “5GE” an unrepentant scam against customers, but I’m rewarded for it by getting only 1 bar of awful signal everywhere I go, where I would otherwise get perfect LTE.

And you can’t turn it off!

That is what Real Innovation looks like, folks.

Looking up the flags to ./configure ffmpeg like it’s 2006 again because H*mebrew thinks so little of its users as to install every conceivable optional dependency and gives no way to avoid them anymore.

Computing is doing great, definitely not broken at almost every layer… 🤮

Me: Show me the glittering world of my dreams 60 times a second

PlayStation: No sweat.

Me: Great, now show me a grid of 6 icons and allow me to choose one.

PlayStation: Oh no.

A blog post three times longer than a bug report isn’t a waste of time, but actually filing the bug is.

Love the iOS community so much!

‪I can think of few things so frustratingly counterproductive as PlayStation screaming at me when it boots after the power goes out.‬

‪You act like I have control over this?

‪I’m not putting a toy onto a backup battery??

‪Also journaling file systems are almost 30 years old???

When a bunch of people are mad at Dropbox for slurping up system resources when you stopped using it before it was cool to for exactly that reason