‪We cancel and un-cancel so many people on a — not daily, hourly — over shreds of information ‬no more or less substantive than single lines of throwaway quotation in a blog from god-knows-where and I’m just so exhausted by all of it. I can’t keep up.

Netflix Auto-Playing Previews

Megan Quinn on Twitter:

Netflix auto-playing previews for every single show is one of the most pronounced user-hating experiences online in a while. I get that it helps juice the audience count, but it turns browsing into a game of hot potato.

‪It’s seriously the most unnecessarily anxious experience. You have to keep moving, like a shark; lest you get assaulted by weird loud royalty-free music in trailers. I don’t understand how they could so badly not see through their users’ eyes.‬

Things normal people do a few glasses of wine in: Watch Netflix, laugh, DT their friends Things I do: Theorycraft the API design of a Slack client I have no intent of actually making

What if Netflix remade 1985’s seminal Clue, and it was multi-path like Bandersnatch, but didn’t give the viewer the choice and seamlessly randomized the path? 📽😈

PA: “Unfortunately, a passenger traveling with us has a peanut allergy, so we will not serving peanuts on this flight.” Guy in preboarding lane, wasting zero time: “Ugh. Just leave ‘em.”

Met a gate agent named Siri at SAV International. Spelling exact. A delight. She politely declined a photo.

Surprised it’s a meme again that sideloading is the only path forward because competition-handwave-free-markets-blah-freedom without any discussion on how to handle scammers, social engineering, and outright malware. Normal consumers deserve better than, “Fuck you, got mine.”

‪Wild how much more compelling a stance can be when it isn’t written with the diction of a slighted 15-year-old in the MacRumors comments section.‬

‪Indie devs looking to project all their complaints onto this should find a more “indie” horse to back.‬ 🙃