A blog post three times longer than a bug report isn’t a waste of time, but actually filing the bug is.

Love this community so much!

‪I can think of few things so frustratingly counterproductive as PlayStation screaming at me when it boots after the power goes out.‬

‪You act like I have control over this?

‪I’m not putting a toy onto a backup battery??

‪Also journaling file systems are almost 30 years old???

When a bunch of people are mad at Dropbox for slurping up system resources when you stopped using it before it was cool to for exactly that reason

My family, without any prior warning, assigned my birthday this year a unicorn theme. All other things being equal, we made a good time of it. 🦄 🎈


“Our impression is that many developers never understood it was happening; in many cases, changes to third-party JavaScript embedded on websites introduced link decoration without web developers’ knowledge.” Yikes.

Me: Oh my goodness, it’s the incredibly rare temparate Atlanta day. I think I have to open my windows and enjoy it!

Leaf blowers: Think again, jackass.

‪We cancel and un-cancel so many people on a — not daily, hourly — over shreds of information ‬no more or less substantive than single lines of throwaway quotation in a blog from god-knows-where and I’m just so exhausted by all of it. I can’t keep up.

Netflix Auto-Playing Previews

Megan Quinn on Twitter:

Netflix auto-playing previews for every single show is one of the most pronounced user-hating experiences online in a while. I get that it helps juice the audience count, but it turns browsing into a game of hot potato.

‪It’s seriously the most unnecessarily anxious experience. You have to keep moving, like a shark; lest you get assaulted by weird loud royalty-free music in trailers. I don’t understand how they could so badly not see through their users’ eyes.‬

Things normal people do a few glasses of wine in: Watch Netflix, laugh, DT their friends Things I do: Theorycraft the API design of a Slack client I have no intent of actually making

What if Netflix remade 1985’s seminal Clue, and it was multi-path like Bandersnatch, but didn’t give the viewer the choice and seamlessly randomized the path? 📽😈

PA: “Unfortunately, a passenger traveling with us has a peanut allergy, so we will not serving peanuts on this flight.” Guy in preboarding lane, wasting zero time: “Ugh. Just leave ‘em.”

Met a gate agent named Siri at SAV International. Spelling exact. A delight. She politely declined a photo.

Surprised it’s a meme again that sideloading is the only path forward because competition-handwave-free-markets-blah-freedom without any discussion on how to handle scammers, social engineering, and outright malware. Normal consumers deserve better than, “Fuck you, got mine.”

‪Wild how much more compelling a stance can be when it isn’t written with the diction of a slighted 15-year-old in the MacRumors comments section.‬

‪Indie devs looking to project all their complaints onto this should find a more “indie” horse to back.‬ 🙃