Rushing a feature to market before you can make it, you know, nice… or affordable… is a lot like being the first person to comment “FIRST!” on a Reddit thread in 2006.

It’s frustrating my best cooking happens only when I completely wing it. I will never make a steak as good as I did this evening.

“Jack Dorsey admits in the interview that he is depressed by what can sometimes be the ‘general vibe’ of the platform…”

You don’t say.

It’s kind of amazing how you can go from unsubstantiated rumor reported at 9a and get to this-is-the-end-of-all-things hot takes by 5p, all operating as though it were fact. Misinformation is taking over every facet of every industry.

I yell a lot about the usefulness of big data, but if the giant inhuman algorithm-industrial complex pumped out Russian Doll, it’s something I’m going to have to allow.

Would you believe the “More fixes for random test crashes” pull request itself has random test crashes? Oh, the humanity!

Futzing with HomeKit homebrew again had me realize the smart TVs I hate aren’t always lagging (sometimes they are!), but their awful remotes trick you into thinking they are. High-perf devices with low-perf input. My phone is already with me on my couch and is far higher quality.

“Platforms that use AIs often get biased by tiny groups of hyper-active users.” YouTube promising to change their AI not to. Wonder how much it helps victims who get really attached to specific channels. Good thread:…

I think my morbid curiosity for plant burgers primarily stems from the belief that protein slurries, pink slime, and other substitution foods are going to be necessary sooner than any of us feel comfortable with.