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Zachary Waldowski

Mobile Software Engineer


I’m a passionate, perfectionist, sometimes angry developer with a decade of experience bringing uncompromising excellence to app platforms. As a technical leader, I advise and elevate team members at all experience levels, promote best practices like internationalization and accessibility, and focus intensely on quality. I am remembered for “seriously scary” recall of years-past details, framework pitfalls, and hard-won fixes.

I have worked with really obscure clients that nobody knows about. Rarely, I break software in public rather than in private.

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  • –Present Software Engineer
    Apple · San Diego, CA

    Building world-class applications across all of Apple’s platforms. Adding features for upcoming releases, prototyping new features, and ensuring an outstanding user experience. Deep interaction with UIKit, SwiftUI, and adapting to evolving designs. Collaborating and partnering across iOS, macOS, and watchOS teams. Exploring new technologies to deliver high-quality software.

  • Senior Solution Architect
    Big Nerd Ranch · Atlanta, GA

    Providing deep understanding and expertise for clients targeting iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Delivering popular new features while revamping legacy code as a technical lead for a product with 90,000,000 users. Leading the vanguard of best practices and adopting new technology.

  • Solution Architect, Instructor
    Big Nerd Ranch · Atlanta, GA

    Managing client success from planning to implementation and beyond with an emphasis on iPhone and iPad. Collaborating closely with partners and stakeholders to implement pixel perfection. Planning, authoring, and delivering training for SwiftUI and Combine.

  • Software Developer, Instructor
    Big Nerd Ranch · Atlanta, GA

    Building innovative iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications and teaching cohorts of engineers around the world to do the same for their customers. Bringing new products to market. Elevating teams by evaluating and designing frameworks.

  • Software Developer
    Big Nerd Ranch · Atlanta, GA

    Delivery and maintenance of market-leading iPhone apps. Meeting challenging deadlines with agility, collaboration, and foreword thinking. Leveraging the power of Swift for the iPhone and Mac in the B2B space.

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